Drew F. from East Aurora, NY...
I have been a patient of both Drs. Tom and Pam. Their office has a wonderful family-like atmosphere that truly makes you feel like one with them. I really don't know what I'd do without them!

Cheryl L. from Eden, NY... I have been coming to Dr. Pam for several years. She has helped me with my weight challenges and helped with healing many health related issues. The remedies and vitamins she uses have kept me off several medications. She also has helped me with my attitude toward life. She is an honest loving person who truly cares for others. Dr. Tom has helped me tremendously with my neck and back problems after my auto accident. He is also a great person who cares for people very much!

Mary Beth P. from East Aurora, NY... This review is bit longer, as it covers all Dr. Tom has done for my family of 4 over the past 30 years, for a variety of health related issues.

My kids are grown now and although they feel Dr. Tom's adjustments have helped them greatly, they have not needed to return for about 10 years. I mention this because you might think I go to the Chiropractor every week when you read about how much he has helped me, but there were times that I had long breaks between visits.

I first met Drs. Tom and Pam when my husband had a herniated disc. We had been to another chiropractor and physical therapist. He had been on disability for 3 months or more when we gave the new chiropractor in our village a try. From the first meeting, we new it was going to be a better experience, due to the physical exam and questions asked. They got him back to work in a couple months (that was nearly 30 years ago). To this day, he has not needed back surgery, or even missed one day of work from back related issues, and he works maintenance in a school!

After suffering from headaches for several years, I mentioned it at one of my husband's appointments. The neck adjustments I received totally eliminated my headaches. On the rare occasion that I do get a headache, I get an adjustment, and it's gone before I leave the office. My daughter had a week of colic as a baby. One adjustment and goodbye colic! After my son was born, I had severe headaches (I'll spare you the details). Dr. Tom came right to the hospital and gave me an adjustment which lessened the pain immediately by 50%, and by the next day, it was gone.

The pediatrician wanted to put tubes in my son's ears at about age 3. We would bring him in for an adjustment whenever he seemed congested. He never needed tubes, and he never got another ear infection. He's 24 years old now.

I can go on and on... I was told I had carpal tunnel syndrome. I couple wrist adjustments... gone. I had low back pain. A few adjustments and a lumbar pillow... gone. I semi-dislocated my shoulder. I few adjustments and some exercises (which I still do 10 years later)... gone. I have had sinus trouble since I was a kid. If I get congested, I get adjusted, and I'm breathing clearer, often by the time I get to the car.

5+ years ago, I suffered a whiplash as a passenger in an auto accident. That was scary! My hands closed up like lobster claws, and I had numbness down my arms and one leg! I couldn't push a lawn mower for nearly a month. I never missed one day of work (I had 2 jobs). Again, Dr. Tom got me back to normal!

Now, at 57, I feel my best when I get adjusted once per month, twice during snow shoveling season. Drs. Tom and Pam are fair-minded and compassionate people. Dr. Tom keeps me limber and moving like I am 10-20 years younger! Thank you Dr. Tom!!!

Callie E. from Holland, NY...    About 6 weeks ago, I began the Chirothin program with Dr Tom.  It was AWESOME!!! I am amazed at how easily I lost weight and the way I feel and look. Thank you!!!

Jeff B. from East Aurora, NY...  Dr. Tom is an incredibly nice and professional chiropractor.  His morning hours make early morning adjustments possible.  The entire office is welcoming and accommodating.  My wife and I see him regularly (at least once per week), and we sleep better as a result.  The adjustments he does on my neck relieve the mild headaches I get and allow me to breathe better as well.  I would be pretty uncomfortable most of the time without regular chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Tom. 

Sharon R. from East Aurora, NY... My family has received the utmost professional Chiropractic care from Dr.Tom Insinna for aver 20 years.  Dr. Tom has helped my family and me through many aches and pains.  He has helped all of us with many different problems which is so appreciated!  My family and I have also received the best professional care from Dr. Pam Insinna in her practice of Kinesiology.  Dr. Pam is very passionate about what she does.  The care from Dr. Pam is unbelievable.  She has helped me through many things.  I have felt the best in years since going to Dr. Pam.  I have also been a patient of High Tech Weight Loss.  I lost over 20 pounds in 40 days, and I have kept the weight off for three years!!!

Sue F. from East Aurora, NY...   I have been receiving Chiropractic services from Dr. Tom for over twenty-five years.  He has been a mainstay in keeping me pain free.  He not only keeps it financially possible to see him when needed, but has also come in over the years on holidays or weekends if I was in great pain.  Before coming to Dr. Tom, my lower back would become so excruciatingly painful about every eight months that I would be on my back for weeks.  Just so you know, he is an honest man who never tries to force you to come in more that you think is necessary.  I just want to thank Dr. Tom and his crew for years of pain free living.

Joe B. Strykersville, NY...   I met Dr. Tom 29 years ago when I fell off a roof and was told by my doctor that I'd never work again.I was in my early 40's, and unlike a lot of people, I loved my work. I couldn't imagine being on disability for the rest of my life.  I actually went into a deep depression, after several months a close friend told me to try this young chiropractor in East Aurora. My friend reminded me that he had suffered from headaches for years, and said Dr. Tom helped him, so I thought why not! 

I think I felt better just walking into the office. Everyone was not just friendly, they were down right perky!  I was beginning to get some hope.  After an examination, Dr. Tom said that he could not promise anything, but he saw nothing that would keep me from  a complete recovery. Within two weeks, I was able to start working around the yard, and a couple weeks later, I was back to work again!! As I continued to improve, he kept reducing my visit frequency, until I was coming once per month.

I've been seeing Dr. Tom once a month for over 25 years, and I'm happy to report that my pain has never returned. I still work every day, and never plan on retiring. I feel great, and I owe it all to Dr. Tom!  He gave me back my life!!!

Sandy J. Orchard Park, NY...  I have to describe a wonderful experience.  I had never been to a chiropractor in my life. I was scared to death, and it took about six months for my sister-in-law to convince me to make an appointment.  In retrospect, I wish I would have come years ago, but I digress.  When I entered the office, I felt immediately at ease.  Dr. Tom was very nice, and understood my nervousness. He performed a gentle exam, and explained everything he was doing as he went along.  The adjustment was very gentle, and at first, I thought it was my imagination, because I felt better almost instantly. On my second visit, Dr. Tom sat down and explained my condition, and together we developed a plan of correction.

After just a few adjustments, I was feeling just like my old self.  I've been coming once a month for about two years, and was amazed to find that I experienced fewer colds and sinus problems than I had in years, and my spring/summer allergies were even better. This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself!

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