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What Is Kinesiology?

Chiropractors spend years studying the human body so they can understand how it works on a fundamental level. Their ability to identify issues affecting the body is second to none. If there’s something wrong with your musculoskeletal system or other aspects of your overall wellness, you can count on your chiropractor to identify it.

Kinesiology is another tool that chiropractors can use for diagnostic purposes. For those unfamiliar with kinesiology, it’s a form of biological study that focuses on how the body moves. More specifically, it relies on muscle monitoring to identify issues compromising your current level of wellness. A chiropractor can interpret the biofeedback provided by your muscles to determine the specific health conditions you are currently dealing with.

What separates kinesiology from other diagnostic methods is how it interprets connections between your muscles and certain organs. If a closer examination of a particular muscle produces troubling results, your chiropractor can check if that is related to a specific organ. Chiropractors can check on those connections because of how well they know the human body and the principles of kinesiology.

Your chiropractor can use kinesiology for more than treating your physical conditions. It also helps round out your current level of wellness. The aforementioned diagnostic approach can also help improve your mental and emotional health. Kinesiology improves every aspect of your wellness and makes it easier for you to maintain it long-term.

Experience the benefits of kinesiology in East Aurora, NY, by consulting Dr. Thomas Insinna and Nicole Insinna of Renaissance Wellness.

What Techniques Can Bolster the Benefits of Kinesiology?

By itself, kinesiology cannot address the health problems you are currently experiencing. However, it can tell your chiropractor how to proceed with treatment. Your chiropractor can use the biofeedback from kinesiology to choose treatment methods that will suit your health issues best.

Kinesiology can help optimize the effects of chiropractic adjustments. The biofeedback produced by kinesiology can tell your chiropractor where they should focus while administering treatment.

Your chiropractor can also help maintain your level of wellness using kinesiology and nutritional tips. They can base their nutritional advice on biofeedback to guarantee that they will offer the best results.

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