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Welcome to our practice! We hope that you will find this site helpful in learning more about our office and our unique ability to offer a wide range of health care services, such as Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Weight Loss, Detox, and Massage.

Making a Difference, One Patient at a Time 

At Renaissance Wellness, serving Aurora, NY, and the surrounding areas, Dr. Tom and Nicole Insinna are helping patients and making a difference in their lives through natural means. We improve health and wellness through standard chiropractic care, homeopathy and a variety of other treatment modalities. 

Aiding in Injury Recovery 

Although our health and wellness care encompasses the entire body, we do help patients recover from injuries, including those from auto accidents, sports, and personal injuries.

Helping With Headaches and Musculoskeletal Pain 

We help patients who are suffering from musculoskeletal pain in locations like their back or neck to better manage their pain. For those who have recurring headaches or migraines, we assist the patient in easing their symptoms and reducing the number of headache days they experience. 

For patients who don't want to rely on medications or would just like better control over their symptoms, we offer care for digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, allergies, and more. 

Going Beyond Standard Chiropractic Care 

At our wellness clinic, we offer an array of services beyond standard chiropractic care, such as homeopathy and weight loss. We recognize that your health is more than just the pain you experience. Homeopathy takes a unique approach to regaining health, and weight loss can be crucial in improving your life. It can also be the root of some of what ails you. 

You'll notice our care includes a variety of other services as well, such as  ionic foot detox, massage therapy, and more. This helps us to achieve optimal results for our patients. 

At Renaissance Wellness, we believe your health can have a "rebirth." You don't have to suffer from health issues that are taking a toll on your life. You can get the help you need with recovery and get back to living life as usual, possibly better, sooner with our chiropractic care. And both Dr. Tom and Nicole believe in giving patients in the Aurora, NY area, the care they desire and deserve!

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Having several different health care disciplines in one office provides our patients with not only convenience, but also a team approach to better serve them.


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